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We need your help!

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

We are growing our business, and we need your help!

Plans are afoot, and we want to do more than just Dosa, with more to be revealed soon.

Please help us grow by leaving us an online review.

Reviews help us to improve our online presence and increase trust in what we can do.

I've cooked under various guises over the last 10 years, including Dosa Love, Deli Llama, Woodhouse Kitchen, Liberty Kitchen and Gluten Free Food Nottingham.

If you have eaten the food I have made and have enjoyed it please help me to feed even more people.

You can leave a review in the following places (just click on the word to open the link)

or Email:

Please include:

  • What you ate

  • Where you ate our food

  • If you enjoyed the service

  • Anything else you liked

Lastly, We welcome critical feedback too, if there was something you thought could be improved upon, or something that we could do differently, please do tell us, we just ask that you do it nicely.

All your help is really appreciated

Thank you!

Sam & James


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