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Who we are!


Hello and Welcome, We are Samantha & James, and we are here to give you a DOSA LOVE.

We have a great time working at events together, and there's always a laugh to be had with customers.

We particularly enjoy serving up a Dosa Love at Weddings and Private Parties. Being a part of people's special events is a big responsibility, but one we happily take on.

Since 2018, we've dished up our Dosa at Treacle Market in Macclesfield. Beeston Farmers Market. Grub and, Levy Market in Manchester. Belper Goes Green. Sneinton & Nottingham Street Food Clubs. The Garage at Chillwell, Crossover Festival, Stainsby Festival, and lots of Art Trails.

Beer Festivals have been a ball. We've had Pride in Belper, and even stood at Book Fairs.

We have served tens of thousands of Dosa at Public and Private events.

Our experience means we can pop-up in garden parties, dish up lunch at corporate events, and feed the masses at weddings.


We love what we do, and come rain or shine we smile most of the time!  You can't dish up A DOSA LOVE with a miserable face!

Hello, I'm Samantha and I run DOSA LOVE!

My background prior to this was as a free-from specialist, catering for all sorts of dietary requirements. 

In 2011 I was diagnosed as coeliac, which means I have to eat gluten-free for medical reasons.  This led to me setting up my first business in 2012.

It started with selling cakes and brownies to local businesses and evolved in to catering, farmers markets, pop-up kitchens, cookery lessons and much more...


I ran my first business until early 2018. Had a little break and then set-up Dosa Love in November 2018.

A lot of people express sympathy that I can't eat gluten, but genuinely I feel lucky that it happened.  I now know so much more about food and health and my cooking skills mean I can make myself (and customers) super nice food all the time.

Outside of food I love riding my bike, swimming, and making my own clothes.... and lots of other things I don't have time to list!

The Dosa Queen


The Dosa Master


I mainly trade at events with my partner, James.  He has the self appointed title of "Dosa Master".  Which, of course, means I am now titled the Dosa Queen!

James has a background in running Deli's, procuring and selling fine foods. 


He has since spent 20 years working on vintage racing car engines. (He does wash his hands when he comes to work on the stall).

James is the person who makes sure everything runs smoothly on site, whatever event it is he susses out the lay of the land, makes sure we have everything we need and that we run to time when we are getting ready.

He liases on site with the event organisers and builds up a rapport. 


If you hire us for an event he will be the one making sure you are happy with everything.

When he's not working on the Dosa stall he is always tinkering and making things.  He also likes a good long bike-ride (on his self built bike, of course). Or you can find him chopping up logs with a chainsaw.

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Since 2018
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