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What is a Dosa?

A Dosa is a South Indian Pancake made with fermented lentils, rice and spices.  The batter is cooked in a pan, just like a traditional pancake.  We then top ours with curry, rice, dal, chutney, chilli sauce, fermented and pickled vegetables.

Dosa are traditionally eaten for breakfast but can be eaten at any time of day, including lunch, dinner and for a snack.

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We make our pancake batter from fermented idli rice, powa rice and urad dal (black lentils).  Fenugreek seeds and a pinch of salt are also added. 


We soak them, grind them, and then leave the mixture to ferment, creating a unique savoury tasting batter. 


Our Dosa are





The traditional curry is a Sambar Curry from Southern India.  We offer you this, and our own curry blends.

We use our own blend of spices, developed to our own taste.


Depending on what's in season and our suppliers, the fresh vegetables we use in our curries varies.

Dal, Rice & Chutney

We serve our Dosa with a golden Turmeric Dal, made with fresh turmeric and ginger.

We add even more flavour with our fragrant rice, using whole spices and curry leaves.

We add extra freshness with a coconut, lime & coriander chutney. 

Ferments & Pickles

All the little extra toppings add a bit of zing, and flavour.

We ferment and pickle the veggies ourselves, including scrummy carrot & ginger.

Plus we ferment our own chilli sauce too.  And when we're in the mood we make a scotch bonnet chilli sauce for the slightly more 'heat resistant' customers that we have.

A Dosa Nutrition

The fermented batter contains lentils which are great for protein and fibre. 


The curries are made from scratch with fresh vegetables which we prepare in-house providing an array of vitamins and minerals.

We use fresh ginger and turmeric in our dal.

For fats we use coconut cream and sunflower oil.

All of the dishes on our public street food stall are gluten free, dairy free. milk free, egg free.


The food is meat free, vegetarian and suitable for a vegan or plant based diet.

We don't add any refined sugars to our savoury dishes.

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