At DOSA LOVE we care about our impact on the world around us!


With this in mind we use Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Packaging


We endeavour to support other small and

local businesses wherever practicable

We use fresh produce where ever possible

and quality check all our ingredients.



No animal products are used in our food


Staff are paid above the living wage


We hate to see food wasted and will donate left-overs when we can

Sustainability 2020

More info on what we do as a business to improve our sustainability

At Dosa Love we constantly work to improve our sustainability. 


Thinking about the environment has been something I have done since I was a kid.


It’s something I have been doing as a business since 2012.  Back then I  used vegware packaging, recycled and shopped local.  In the early 90’s I encouraged my family to re-cycle before it was even a thing.


Our aim is to limit our impact on the environment by constantly assessing what we do.


We currently do the following:

  • Offer all our food in biodegradable packaging

  • Offer plant-based food options only

  • Trade at events with a similar ethos to our own

  • Work at the Pulp Friction kitchen, sharing resources

  • Limit car travel by operating on a small scale and combining journeys

  • Limiting our printed materials

  • Getting creative with stall signs, repurposing old boards, making decorations from recycled fabrics and packaging

  • I have a small wormery for home use

  • Supply left over food to organisations that can pass it on, whenever practicable

  • Utilise spreadsheets to plan food orders to minimise on waste when cooking

  • Use careful rotation systems and ensure that we use food within it’s BBE

  • We freeze, ferment and pickle foods to limit food waste

  • We work on a small scale with a small gazebo, keeping the weight and size down so that we don’t need to use a large van for our regular work.Helping to limit emissions

  • Use eco-friendly sanitiser


Our aims for 2020:

  • We aim to source more of our fresh food locally from small scale suppliers to limit food miles, packaging and contribute to the circular economy

  • We aim to source more of our packaged ingredients in plastic free packaging and work with existing suppliers to minimise waste by using re-useable packaging, or no packaging

  • Work with other small and local food businesses to encourage shopping locally and with small producers

  • Expand the wormery to process work food scraps

  • Create a compost heap to use with my first veg patch at home – using the work food scraps

  • Share more information on-line about how we operate to show our customers what we are doing and encourage others to do the same

  • Recycle our regular packaging in to decorations for the stall

  • Plan further in advance with dry food orders


The above lists are not exhaustive.  There are always things we do without even realising it.


We will always find more ways to make more changes and we will continue to do so.

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