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Event Planning

We want to make sure that you get the food you want with the service you require.

Here's more information about how we operate at events

Adapting to your events and requirements.

Dosa Love provides gluten-free & plant-based Indian Street Food.  Our food is suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets and is suitable for coeliacs. We are a street food and catering company based in Nottinghamshire.

We provide our catering services in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, and the East Midlands. We can travel across the UK.

We are very much used to working in different environments and ensuring that we work professionally and to time. 

Before we provide you with a quote we ask you to fill in a form to provide us with information about your event.  Once we have that we take the time to speak with you and make sure that we understand you fully. That you understand what we can do, and that we are on the same page.

It is possible to arrange tasting sessions before you commit to booking us.  Tasting sessions are provided for a set price which is deducted from the cost of the event if you go ahead.


For large scale events, such as weddings, we like to visit the site in advance to ensure that we can set up correctly and safely, and ensure that we can utilise the space available.  If that isn't possible then we require photos, space measurements and if need be to speak to the venue ourselves.


On the day of an event we arrive as early as we can to give us plenty of time to set-up and account for any potential hiccups or changes that may occur.  We work quickly and quietly setting up for an event, and are used to working around lots of other people that may either be working or socialising.


Food service is fast, efficient and friendly.  We enjoy chatting with guests whilst serving them.


We cook our Dosa on site and the time it takes to serve guests is 2-3 minutes per ‘Dosa Love’.  It can be 1 minute per guest for a curry with rice.  

Depending on the size of the event and how quickly you need them to be served we may need to bring extra staff and equipment, which would require more space.  This is something we are happy to discuss with you to ensure that you get the service you require.


We do everything we can on site to ensure that your guests enjoy the food and the service from Dosa Love, and that it is a memorable part of the day.

In a nutshell, we provide high-quality food and service, with a laid-back feel.  Whilst always remaining professional.

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Scale Space_serving dosa.jpg
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How we operate on site

We can work outside in our gazebo, or we can cater using a kitchen inside the property and a serving area depending on availability and how the space works for you, and us. 


We need to be able to use our gas hobs outdoors or gas hobs installed in a kitchen.  Access to electricity and running water is preferred but not essential.


Depending on the food you require from us we may need additional kitchen space.  We can discuss this with you fully to ensure that we are able to provide what you want.

Our Gazebo - Information

Our Gazebo is 2m x 2m square and we need a height of 3m. Therefore, we need a space bigger than this to set up in.  We need a flat even surface that is dry.  Depending on the weather we may need our side panels up to prevent rain and wind. Wind can be particularly tricky for gas flames.  The gazebo can be set up both indoors and outdoors.

Street Food Catering

We provide our Street Food options from our gazebo.


Our standard practice is to offer our siganture dish, our 'Dosa Love', or a limited range of curries with rice.  This enables a quick service, in a small space.  We can also operate in our gazebo without electricity. 


It is possible for us to pitch up in unusual places with ease.  We can serve hundreds of people from our 2m x 2m gazebo during a day.

Service for Dosa takes 2-3 minutes per person.  This is useful for longer events where people may not all want to eat at the same time.

Service for Curry with Rice can take 1 minute per person. This can be useful if you want a street-food experience with a quicker turn-around.

If you require a quicker service we can bring extra equipment and serving staff.

Buffet Service

We can offer either a stand alone buffet service, or it can be combined with a street food offering from the gazebo.

Our hot & cold buffet service requires access to kitchen facilities on-site.  This will enable us to prepare and serve up hot curries and rice which we either serve as customers collect, or with a table service.

Indian snacks and salads can be prepared and cooked throughout your event and placed on large trays, or as individual portions.  These can be a great grazing option throughout the day.

Cakes and sweet treats can be supplied ready to eat.

The above are all subject to your preferences and the facilities available at your venue.

Things to Think About


Do you have set timings for your event - is there flexibility on when things happen?

Do you want everyone to eat at the same time or let them eat when they feel like it?


Do you want them to remain seating whilst dining or do you want them to be able to move around. Do you want them to queue for food / help themselves, or be waited on?


How much do you have to spend on food? You can see our minimum fees here.

What are your expectations within your budget?


What facilities do you have on-site?  If there's good kitchen facilities this creates more options for what we can provide you with.  Do you have a safe space for us to set-up our tent?

These are some of the key questions we will ask you about.  It doesn't matter if you don't have all the answers.  We can talk you through different options.

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