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Eco-Friendly Stall Decoration

After a year in at the deep-end with running a street-food business I have had a little time to start working on little fun aspects of the stall, making it more decorative, but working on an eco-friendly vibe.

We found lots of old bits of board that were being thrown out and use it for lots of our signs. Which we repaint and use over and over again.

I’ve now found a local sign writer who makes everything stand out and easy to read. To begin with I did them all myself, so it’s nice to have someone on board who knows what they are doing.

We even made an A-Board from repurposed shelves, my ideas and James’s engineering skills combined.

I now have beautiful bunting made from recycled fabrics. With thanks to the ever-smiling Toni, from Tiger Textiles. She made meters and meters of bunting, even using lengths of old zips to sew the flags on to. Tiger Textiles is a Community Interest Company that provides workshops to local communities. They also run classes in making re-useable sanitary wear, along with other useful classes.

In November I went on a workshop with the very talented Michelle Reader. Michelle is an artist who specialises in sculptures made from recycled things… Her work is really quite amazing. I had seen some flower wreaths that she had made from tin cans and plastic bottles and decided that this would be a great decorative addition to the stall. So I went with my mum, and Toni from Tiger Textiles on a private workshop where we learned how to create flowers from all sorts of things that would have ended up in the bin.

With all these different elements on the stall we hope that it looks fun. It's great to be resourceful and not impact on the planet so much.

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